J Chaithanya – A simple Introduction - ஜெ சைதன்யா ஒர் எளிய அறிமுகம்

My First Attempt to translate the Tamil writer Jeyamohan's Article

J Chaithanya – A simple Introduction

It is improbable that the tamil society, which generally neglects thinkers, will know about an Eastern philosopher called J.Chaithanya. It is worth to mention that like most of the great thinkers, she never gave an oration or wrote any books on her thoughts. Thoughts are life for these philosophers. Normally those thoughts rose from her daily life occasions and evaporated in air.

But great thinkers are always blessed by mercy of destiny. Like many other thinkers, a chief follower existed for J.Chaithanya, who has been promptly recording her thought bursts by staying along with her. It is also noted that, part of the thoughts evolved from desire and impulsion of the above mentioned Chief follower, also his linguistic feasibility and limited comprehension skill were main barriers to record her thoughts, but this will not disappoint if someone look backs the world history. Because world has never been fortunate to receive the non-distorted great thoughts.

It is necessary to mention with great sense of pride that, J.Chaithanya is studying in LKG, grown enough to be ashamed of not wearing kids panty. This is because of, daily as much as her three fingers count times; mixture of rice and broth is slight violently fed to her, with the help of her house dog Kuttan, regularly visiting crow, laburnum tree and her favorite squirrel.

J.Chaithanya’s has an attracting and pleasing appearance. Usually she does immediate attractive actions with the respective of her appearance. Her hair glitters like black Pomeranian dog’s back. Her slightly flat nose (It will be apt to remind the infamous lullaby on her nose written by chief follower A.K.A her father. Mooke Mookamma Mookillatha mookamma ), and sufficiently bubbly cheeks shows her pertinacious behavior. Usually she can be found in two states of face/mind. One of that is “Appy” state, usually followed after worn new apparel, taken a fresh bath in cold water, etc. During this state she happily prances around. In the remaining time she can be found with tighten lips, sharpen nose and raised eyebrows. In these moments, she deeply contemplates the universe.

No need to highlight the embryonic eminence of J.Chaithanya. She benevolently gave photographic glimpses of herself, only after her parents looked into her living place of those days, using ultrasound because of she did not attempt to come out, although several days passed after doctor referred due date. Chief follower observed that her initial fine gestures revealed some details about her ambitious advent and messages she brought. By brandishing her tight fist she showed that her main objective was to fight against ignorance. Unlike her father, her mother solely noticed her gender and was moved to deep ecstatic tears. Her critic sense was evidenced when she tried to grab the cord around her. Then she yawned and slowly floated back.

On the way to home, her father a.k.a chief follower who has been waiting for arrival of J.Chaithanya realized that the whole world become extraordinary shiny and ravishing. Even the dull distemper coated buildings, trees with dusty leaves and buffaloes acknowledged that. Loaded Lorries passed him besides with mellifluent music. Nearby sewage filled and bubbled with odor. While his walk, each step of him was smoothly snaffled by palm of the soil. Everywhere and Everything he perceived only one thing, he repetitively ambiguously chanted the word “thathvamsi” heard somewhere sometime before.

“Appa(father), baby resides in mother is our little papu (baby), rite?” only after this question from his first child a.k.a one of the most fearless man of the world, he returned back from that trancelike state.

“Yes dear, she is our little baby!!” said his father.

“Why is she Yawning?”

“There is no TV inside rite, she get bored.” creatively replied his father. By claiming, few further steps in the imagination ladder pioneer thinker a.k.a. His son ably replied. “Yah, she could play if there is a dog”

       J.Chaithanya’s birth was a modest event. It’s a known fact that she mannerly objected because the world gone upside down, when the nurses lifted her by holding her legs. Also when everyone surrounded her tried to examine the emptiness of her tightly closed palm that she carried from her formerly lived space by forcefully opening it, she objected and expressed discomfort by making grimaced face.

According to Chief follower’s earlier records, J.Chaithanya was in deep quest at her childhood. During the initial days when she lied supine, incessantly gazed at the sky and also occasionally laughed elatedly with scintillating eyes as if she realized something which cannot be perceived by normal human beings. She believed in her right to surge towards surrounded objects; after few attempts she realized only way to achieve this by lifting her butt and soon started trying out this.

Immediately after she started lie prone, her attention was totally shifted towards the earth. Her thick eyebrows are specifically designed to intently observe the ants, lines, cracks and dusts of the floor. She also found that few rules of Physiology were main barriers to her research process on the insects. During this process once her jaw hit the floor. She indeed did scream initially by thinking her mother as the cause, with the help of her natural intelligent soon realized that hand can be used to keep under the paunch to prevent this. Meanwhile she slowly explored and realized that ants are tasteless and dust as a balanced diet.

Her mother mentioned that since J.Chaithanya cumulated her inquiring ability in the hands, it became a kind of cleaving thorny creeper plant typically used in fences. When she was on move, residing on her mother’s hip, it was usual that on the way objects like ear rings, flowers on her head, and cupboard objects cleaved along with her. It was a daunting task to separate those objects from her. It cleaved back again, every time chief follower tried to separate those objects.

Her father valued herself as a tiny little instrument came from heaven above to keep himself highly energetic. Her merits like start alarmingly screaming for hungry, when her parents trembled in different direction trying to comfort her initial moderate cry for wet baby panty; sleeping while having milk; arbitrary awaking up; thundering condemnation with intense anger for unavailability of teat etc., traumatized her parent’s neural system.

She used to suffer weekly thrice with common cold (in chronological order: - first day of snivel followed by spasm and then fever) and in the remaining days with diarrhea, but when has been taken to see doctor, she turns as a refreshingly smiling “abyagashed” goddess ready for a procession. In the Clinic after the activities like, installment pee-peeing in the corners of waiting hall, bench edges eradication with teeth, watchful observation of the bitten doctor’s pen, happy urge towards the stethoscope and finally the most important of all received appreciation for her health from doctor are followed by raging fever while returning towards home, which was a frightened sight to her father. She mastered the art of spilling the pill through a mysterious molar path which was earlier fed to her with the help of challenging efforts like liquidated pill coursed with few spoons of water fed deep inside her tongue and comforted her on the shoulders until a burping confirmation. Her father’s friends expressed concern when they cognized her suffering from diarrhea through the distinct scent aroused from his body.

Above all, the difference of opinion between J.Chaitanya and Universe over the day and night calculation caused so many issues. During the warm mid-days when her parents tiredly looking at her, she used to be in deep slumber. During midnights she used to awake refreshingly and according to her father’s friends volunteer records her following activities like weepingly ca-caing, weepingly eating food, weepingly playing around, damped with tears soon after earlier tear wetness dried out caused physic anxiety to her father. This was apparent by her father’s a activities in office like, lose himself during working hours, laughing alone, peeking the wrist watch way too often and furiously vocalizing some strange lullabies arbitrarily.

J.Chaithanya’s father had an impression on himself as a great thinker and a writer. There is no boundary for human ego rite? He had a blow on his ego and became a devout follower of J.Chaithanya, when he fortunately obtained a profound insight, on a night while travelling in a bus. During bus travels, he usually keeps a thick cardboard on his lap, places the baby bed over it (to make a comfortable temporary sleeping place) and lays J.Chitanya on it. When he suddenly awoke in the mid-night, he caught the sight of the flame colored glowing face of J.Chitanya in the oppositely passing lorry headlight’s light. On that emotionally excited moment, his great culture’s thousands of years of fierce, merciful, virtuous and motherly goddesses cosmically flourished in front of him.

When he sensed the touch of the soil unacquainted sole of her foot with his shivering fingers, the arduous rock doorways of his deep mind, which never gave a sign of opening by upsurge of thousands of theological books and innumerous teachings, instantly unfolded like silky stage screens.

“abyagashed”” : ( Right hand of an idol or great person raised in token of dispelling fear and assuring protection)


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