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தேவதை - Ariadne

Ariadne - Jeyamohan  தேவதை-ஜெயமோகன்Certainly, you must have thumbed through the review articles of this book in literary magazines. According to Times Magazine’s highly acclaimed review “African influence in Western classical music” is one of the greatest musical research books published in last 50 years. As with any finest research work, elevating from its touchdown domain, this book appeals to the entire course of human culture. Spy girls popularized this book excerpting this wonder quote “Music makes me feel like worm” from the book to the extent that every street busker invariably ad-libs. When doyenne Mary Benham Flowood enunciated those lines for the book, I was composing, letter by letter in the typewriter. You might have noticed my name on the credit page. I claim this book as the greatest accomplishment of my 20 odd turbulent year life. My biological mother eloped with her then beau, out of Nigeria. After their happy marriage, venturing into successful laundry business, when …