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Translation of Writer Jeyamohan's Short Story -அவதாரம் சிறுகதை - தமிழில் - Tamil version of Avatharam Short storyI happen to come across this question “Do you have faith in God?” oftentimes. “I don’t know” has been the convenient answer that I have learnt from my past experiences or rather expedient answer.Reminisce of a memorable incident rewinds me back to my adolescent years. I was 16, when a lame Kolan Appu smacked down a horrendous rowdy Deva Aaseervaatham (Aaseeraan) of my town. Like every other youth, on those days, I was in firm belief that, humanhood’s foremost achievement was physical strength. Every time, I came upon a story line like “There was a baddie!!” I was charmed into that character at once. As an indispensable destiny of the stories these characters get defeated in the end evoking a feel of remorseful satisfaction. What a golden age the erstwhile period was, starting with “Once upon a time,” the unremitting Rakshasas and Asuras (race of unrighteous mighty mytho…