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White Ocean வெண்கடல் சிறுகதை

ஜெயமோகனின் வெண்கடல் சிறுகதைWhy they say ‘glimpse from the corner of eyes’? I will let you utter a word only if you reason this ” said Ganesan uncle. While making Kayathirumeni(*) balm, when the oil begins to betide from cream, freshly generated fragrance would seize your nose like a lip-smacking food item. I was completely immersed into it. At some  point, the greenish oil colour would start to turn into a gingelly oil colour. At once, the crêpe ginger rhizome, the next essential ingredient will get infused into the waxy substance, the lip and nose would begin to turn against the newly discharged smell.  The medical terms like hand paralysis, leg paralysis, tissue cramps, sprains would get associated to the then onwards balm. “You better stick with your freebie Kayathirumeni share!!” repsonded Appu Anna, continuing his task of giving the smoke emitting Kayathirumeni oil a gentle shake every so often. The sputtering, bubbling  out balm, getting prepared in a huge a metal bowl, would a…