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Finger (விரல்)

Translation of Writer Jeyamohan's Short Story -Finger(விரல்)     When Chaithanya was brought out for the first time by a plump nurse, she appeared like a supinely lying tiny baby lizard, covered with a clean cloth, instantly she haughtily protested by brandishing her clenched fists up and down. Like a fresh incipient seed taken out from shell, a gentle heat dissipated on her face. After  uncertain moments of pause, her crooked mouth slowly opened and uttered an obstinate, pertinacious and resounding cry.     The Doctor gently touched the tip of her lower lip with his index finger. The screaming was stopped at once, a sensory quivering spread throughout the body like electric current, by raising her head in a flash, she tried to clutch Doctor’s finger with toothless mouth.
”Did you see  the intensity of this tiny life??l!!” At these moments her life entirely resides at her mouth and stomach.” the doctor said radiantly.
    During her first month, it seemed like, she was solely poss…